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Roy Williams

Roy has owned and operated NEWtritional Health Care LLC, in North Alabama for the past 20 years and has helped develop over 40 of the highest quality health and wellness products ever formulated of which 37 are patented. During this time, he has been shipping products (via word of mouth advertising) all over the United States and to eight other countries. Due his knowledge in natural health Roy has been interviewed on radio and television over 1000 times. He also does a radio program called This Weeks Health Update that has helped thousands learn how to become and remain healthy. He has been known as the Guru of Good Health on a local TV and radio stations for over 20 years, writes a Weekly Health Update newsletter and writes articles for newspapers and magazines.

Roy’s passion for natural health is legendary. Roy believes that God designed the human body to heal and he believes that when you provide your body with the raw material it needs to manufacture new cells that it will heal. Roy has thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of testimonials with medical exams to prove it.

Roy’s motto and goal has always been to, “Make America Healthy One Person At A Time.” Roy also believes that, “Only the truth will set you free” and is totally committed to finding the truth about health and then sharing that information with his customers. One of Roy’s most famous sayings is, “It’s time for America to decide. Are we going to do it man’s way using his concoctions or Gods way using His creations?”

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